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Urban Redneck Alert! I hail from a little town called Truxton, Arizona. Ever heard of it? Yeaaaahhhh, didn't think so. Don't feel bad; it's one of those "spit and everyone will drown" kinda places. So, about me . . . . My favorite movie is Kill Bill, I once accidentally impaled my thigh with a pairing knife (yes, stitches required), and I love to salsa down the grocery store aisles. My sister won't shop with me anymore. Sadness :(. Highly recommend the latter; makes the mundane dredge of pushing a cart through a steel enclosure sooooo much more entertaining!

Oh, you were wondering if I know my bungalow from my mid-century modern? My bad. This country convert did go off and get herself an edu-ma-cation, doing four years of a hard time at Northern Arizona University. Bachelor's degree in Business Admin? Check! Afterwards, I labored for the ubiquitous "man" at the Mohave County Assessor's Office (residential and commercial appraisal, and "Yay!" tax exemptions). I sometimes worry that I may be on the federal government's watch list now because of it :/, but then I appease my paranoia by reminding myself that my dance skills aren't that impressive. When my last remaining grandparent passed, I thought to myself "Life is too short not to live your passions. I want to study art." So I did. Now I'm back in the real estate industry.

"Why Kingman?" It's a question I'm asked frequently. The answer is simple: family. All of my immediate family lives in the area. And that's what makes life meaningful, the people we live it with. I've been fortunate to see Kingman expand over the years, and I'm happy to be a part of that growth as a Realtor. I would love to help as you and the people who make life worthwhile for you search for a place where you can grow together. Give me a call, and let's get you home.

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